Gravimetric Diluters

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Two kinds of gravimetric diluters are available from Don Whitley Scientific, automating the laborious task of making and standardising initial sample dilutions.

Place your sample in a blender bag and the DILUWEL weighs the sample, adding the correct amount of diluent to achieve your preset dilution. 

225 ml of diluent can be added in 12 seconds (or 9 seconds in turbo mode!) with a >99% accuracy. 

The patented vertical weighing system offers greater stability and accuracy due to a fully integrated spirit level and height adjustable feet.

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The DILUWEL EDGE offers all the benefits of the standard DILUWEL, with even greater weighing precision (0.05g from 1g <1% from 5g.)

This gravimetric diluter is Ideal for those who work in the cosmetic industry and follow ISO 11930:2019: Cosmetics - Microbiology - Evaluation of the antimicrobial protection of a cosmetic product.

Both DILUWELS can be specified with optional accessories including a bar code reader, ticket printer and foot switch.

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