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MALDI-Trace™ is a system created by Copan specifically for the traceability of organism identification tests performed using seeded target plates and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization - Time of Flight (MALDI-TOF) technology.

The system provides a platform that identifies which area on a MALDI target plate needs to be inoculated. This information is transferred to the MALDI-TOF and once the identification of the queried colony has taken place this is also registered directly onto the LIMS (if the MALDI-TOF is connected to the LIMS). MALDI-Trace™ allows laboratory personnel to keep track of culture isolates without the risk of transcription errors.

This unique device saves time and money by reducing the need for reworking of samples due to errors. It also saves staff time through not having to complete manual worksheets for the transfer of data.

The entire system is designed to be conveniently used inside a laminar flow cabinet.


1 Ergonomic Spot Seeding Station

MaldiTrace® software

1 Mini PC Microsoft Windows Platform with 7” Touch Screen

1 Bar Code Scanner

1 Holder for Target Plate with embedded RFID chip

1 Laser Pointer Station (optional)

MALDI-Trace is a registered trademark owned by  Copan

  • Provides full traceability of all information related to the seeded target plate (patient information, specimen description, presumptive culture isolate name and any other patient identifiers required).
  • Accurate management of isolates and their correct placement on target spots. No need to manually record seeding on handwritten worksheets or computerised spreadsheets.
  • Automatic on-screen display of the number and location of target spots seeded.
  • Different operational modes and integration with different systems: HighFlexX,  WASPLab™ Image Recording.
  • Open flexible system for future integrations with other laboratory Middleware or LIMS systems.
  • Ergonomic target plate holder that prevents accidental contamination of perimeter target spots during transport prior to insertion into the MALDI-TOF instrument.
  • Software allows target management, target configuration, connection to the LIS (if integrated with the MALDI-Trace™LIS module) for the monitoring of culture isolates directly deposited on the target spots, the creation of worksheets and subsequent RFID registration and sending data to the Maldi System.

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