Dilumat START

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Dilumat START with 2 Pumps

Automates the laborious process of making and standardising the initial sample dilution

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  • Weighing stabilisation in only 0.1 seconds.
  • One pump as standard.
  • No need for diluent blanks – a saving in time, consumables and media preparation.
  • Speed: 25g 1:10 dilution in 16 seconds.
  • The dispensing arm rotates automatically to the blender bag or vessel then rotates away from the sample preparation area to provide more room to work.
  • Large bore, high quality, long-life tubing to accommodate a greater amount of diluent in a shorter time. This speeds up the process whilst retaining a high degree of accuracy.
  • Can connect to your LIMS or operate as a stand-alone unit.

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The Dilumat® START saves time and money by automating the laborious process of making and standardising the initial sample dilution.

Simply place a random amount of sample in a blender bag; the Dilumat will weigh the sample and add the correct amount of diluent to achieve your pre-set dilution. There will be no inaccuracies due to incomplete sample volume as the diluent will not be added until sufficient sample has been included for the required dilution.

No need to spend time and effort weighing out exact amounts of sample – Dilumat START speeds up the whole process.

Now with a small, compact footprint and the ability to prepare samples from 3g to 2kg with a high degree of accuracy.

The user interface is housed in a separate, colour touchscreen unit so is protected from spillages – especially if you order the control unit arm (“heads-up display”).

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25g 1:10 dilution in 16 seconds
Touchscreen Control
Dimensions (W/D/H mm)
330 / 440 / 320
Weight (lbs/kgs)
255 / 116
Dilumat expert EVO with Heads Up Display

Need to prepare samples up to 7kg? Then have a look at the Dilumat expert EVO

Dilumat expert EVO

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