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Leasing Equipment from DWS



Can I lease equipment from Don Whitley Scientific?

Yes, we have a long-standing relationship with Syscap who provide flexible financial solutions for a variety of organisations across the UK. They will assess your requirements and circumstances and suggest a suitable payment schedule that allows you to obtain the DWS equipment you need, with sensible repayments.


What type of equipment can I lease from you?

Leasing is usually for items that cost more than £5,000. You can lease Whitley Workstations, Rodwell autoclaves, media and sample preparation equipment. We also distribute WASPLab in the UK and can offer leasing on this modular, automated specimen processing system to help you with that first step towards lab automation. Whatever it is you need from us, just give us a call to discuss your requirements – you might be surprised just what you can afford!


How long a term can I lease equipment over?

This depends on the cost of the equipment, your available budget, and some other circumstances that will be discussed with you. Our aim, and that of Syscap, is to put together the best deal for your organisation’s specific circumstances and available budget, typically over two to five years.


Is there a worked example of what an anaerobic workstation might cost on a lease arrangement?

Yes, this example on our website is just a guide provided to give you an idea of the monthly payments.


What’s the procedure for applying for leasing?

1)    Choose the equipment you want (our technical sales team are on hand to help you select the right product(s) for your specific application.

2)    We will obtain a payment schedule from Syscap on your behalf and send it through to you.

3)    Sign and return the documentation to Syscap to accept the offer.

4)    Send your official order to Don Whitley Scientific.

5)    We deliver your equipment and you pay the agreed monthly amount to Syscap.


Do I need to insure the equipment I have purchased under the lease?

Yes, under the terms and conditions of the agreement you are required to insure the equipment, however, Syscap can arrange this for you if you prefer.


What if I decide I no longer want/need the equipment part way through the lease period?

You should contact Syscap to discuss the termination of the agreement. They will inform us if equipment needs to be returned to DWS. You are liable for the future regular payments less any discounts.


If additional budget becomes available to pay for the item(s), can we settle early?

This is usually possible. Contact your Syscap account manager and they will provide you with a settlement quotation. Better still, upgrade the existing agreement and add more useful DWS equipment to the lease or rental solution.


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