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Copan UniVerse™ automatically aliquoting

Flexible and open solution for molecular testing sample preparation

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UniVerse™ is a high-throughput automation system that automatically aliquots samples received in the laboratory prior to molecular diagnostic testing. The automation of this pre-analytical step consolidates, integrates, and standardizes the subsequent molecular analysis. Compatible with any molecular platform, UniVerse™ manages multiple liquid protocols, boosting a lab’s productivity to 130 tubes/hour or 220 96-well plate samples/hour. 

UniVerse™’s core is the three independent robotic arms managing containers de-capping and re-capping and pipetting and aliquoting from primary tube to secondary tube or deep well plates. Also integrated with the module are an automatic and customizable vortexing protocol, a barcode scan, and a secondary tube or plate labeling system. All these operations are performed granting maximum safety for the operator, thanks to the laminar BLS2 flow hood. UniVerse™ operates in four different modes:

  •  Tube to tube
  •  Tube to plate
  • Pooling samples from different tubes to one secondary tube
  • Pooling samples from different tubes to one plate well

UniVerse™ can take care of a wide variety of assay preparations including: respiratory, gastrointestinal, hospital-acquired infections, SARS-CoV-2, HPV and STI screening.  

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Key Features

  • Pairs perfectly with every downstream molecular biology platform 
  • Boosts productivity to 130x tubes/hour or 220x 96 well plate samples/hour
  • Automated de-capping, re-capping, pipetting and aliquoting  
  • Maximum safety with laminar BLS2 flow hood
  • Accommodates wide variety of assay preparations

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