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The WASPLab® module dedicated to the automation of Disk Diffusion Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

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Radian™ is a new system from COPAN Diagnostics Inc. which provides fully automated Kirby-Bauer susceptibility testing. The solution comprises automated seeding of Mueller Hinton plates, application of antibiotic discs, robotic incubation of plates, imaging, zone size interpretation, and result output using Expert software. 

Like all COPAN automation solutions, Radian™ is designed to be modular and scalable. The system can be retrofitted into most existing WASPLab® platforms. Radian™ is an open system that can be used with various qualified manufacturers of Kirby-Bauer discs. The system consists of two distinct units:

  • The In-Line Carousel is dedicated to the physical handling of the plates and the dispensing of antibiotic disks. The Carousel, located on a parallel conveyor between WASP® and WASPLab®, features a 50 positions ATB wheel and 1 to 8 disk deposit protocols.
  • The Expert System stand-alone software, connected with the WASPLab® WebApp Halo Recognition image analysis algorithm and interacting with the lab LIS. The Expert system provides an AST interpretation using BASIC and EXPERT EUCAST rules.

Integrating seamlessly in every microbiology lab chain, Radian™ allows laboratories to exploit the advantages of Disk Diffusion while getting rid of its disadvantages. The rapid 4 hours direct AST protocol, compliant with the new EUCAST rules, allows clinicians to rapidly adopt the appropriate antimicrobial treatment when dealing with patients whose lives depend on the therapy to start as soon as possible. 

Overall, Radian™ guarantees labour savings, reduced time to result, and increased standardisation.

Radian is a registered trademark owned by  Copan.


Reduced labour and manual activity required, increasing traceability and standardization


EUCAST rules-based interpretation and efficient interaction with LIS data


A dual HEPA filter system for the highest staff safety


Reduced time to result thanks to the automation of routine processes


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