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Count colonies in seconds and automatically identify microbial species

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Protos 3 is an automated colony counter that uses a sensitive CCD camera and powerful analysis software. The software is able to identify and discriminate colonies by colour, size and shape. The system will identify background agar and also identify and eliminate debris from plate images.

Working with media manufacturers the software developers have created a chromogenic agar package that will automatically identify colonies based on their expected colour from the media type.

Rapidly analyse pour, spiral, gridded, streak and dilution series plates up to 150mm in size. For a standard 90mm Petri dish, the smallest detectable colony is 43 microns. The software will provide a complete audit trail and satisfies requirements for quality standards such as GLP and UKAS.

This is an ideal system for use in busy food and pharmaceutical laboratories; for anyone using a spiral plater; or for anyone carrying out lots of bacterial enumerations.

  • Counts colonies in seconds and automatically identifies microbial species by colour on chromogenic plates.
  • Accurate, objective, reproducible and fully traceable results (GLP compliant).
  • The plate holder is attached to a PC via USB it is possible to network the PC so results and plate images can be saved locally or transferred to a network folder.
  • High specification CCD camera (1.4 megapixel; f1.2 lens) with unique LED lighting system allows analysis of an infinite number of colonies on one plate in seconds. Doors to the plate reading area eliminate external light interference.
  • Flexible and accurate with an impressive counting speed (can analyse 75 plates in five minutes).
  • Plate IDs can be input manually, imported from a list (CSV file) or plates can be scanned with a barcode scanner to eliminate keying errors. Results are archived in an accessible SQL database.

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