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Automatic Petri dish filling and stacking system

Ref: DWDISW1001
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DISTRIWEL 440 is an automatic Petri dish filling and stacking machine that allows you to prepare up to 440 plates (15ml) within 30 minutes. 

With the Masterflex
Peristaltic Pump, the medium is poured precisely and evenly onto the plates. In addition, the built-in Peltier cooler prevents condensation and speeds up solidification time, thus ensuring a constant high quality of the media. The peristaltic pump and the loading system are located at the front of the device for easy, ergonomic access.

DISTRIWEL 440 has a Plexiglas protective cover and a built-in UV lamp to help prevent contamination during the pouring process. It is also important to note that the compact base, the detachable carousel and the removable transfer plate make handling and cleaning the device extremely easy.

For enhanced traceability, connect your DISTRIWEL to the Linx 10 Continuous Inkjet Printer which prints 2 lines of text directly onto the side of a Petri dish. 

The DISTRIWEL is also compatible with other items of laboratory equipment, such as automated media preparators (MEDIAWEL).

  • 7" colour touchscreen display for ease of use
  • Multicolour visual alarms
  • Carousel capacity - 440 dishes
  • Fill up to 880 x 90mm plates per hour
  • 40 stored programmes
  • Pouring range: 00.1 ml - 99.9 ml (plate pouring); 00.1 ml - 999.9 ml (pump mode)
  • In-line blood addition option
  • Built-in Peltier cooling system reduces condensation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Optional footswitch for manual dispensing.

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440 Petri dishes filled in 30 minutes
Touchscreen Control
Dimensions (W/D/H mm)
808 / 689 / 940

Use with a MEDIAWEL media preparator for an automated broth, agar and dilution fluid production system.


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