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WASPLab™ is a complete robotic specimen processing system for front end pre-analytics in microbiology. It is a fully automated, barcode-driven, conveyor-connected system with remote plate image analysis and automatic incubation.

WASPLab™, manufactured by Copan, is a truly modular system and can be added to when sample throughput increases, when additional resources are available and when new developments provide additional automated solutions.

WASPLab is a registered trademark owned by  Copan.

  • De-caps, inoculates, streaks, labels and then re-caps without operator intervention.
  • Can process any type/size of container and has a universal de-capper/re-capper providing you with greater working flexibility.
  • Has 9 plate silos for media selection so you can prepare all the plates for any one sample. 
  • A true vortex system to ensure a perfectly homogenised sample. 
  • Automated gram slide preparation to save valuable time. 
  • Automatic incubation option with plate inversion prior to incubation and totally random access. 
  • Automated plate image analysis option that can screen negative growth and alert staff to positive growth, ensuring you get your results as soon as possible.

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