PhenoMATRIX™ Software Suite

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PhenoMATRIX™ Software Suite

Automated reading, interpretation & segregation of bacterial cultures proven with over 200,000 samples and counting!

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The PhenoMATRIX™ Suite of Algorithms includes:

  • Chromogenic detection of any organism of interest (MRSA, VRE, ESBL, GBS)
  • Urine culture segregation based on colony counts with growth, no growth discrimination
  • Automatic colony recognition on standard medium
  • Application of user-defined expert rules to filter outputs and reporting

Download the product brochure for more information on each of these algorithms.

PhenoMATRIX™ offers WASPLab™ users an exclusive selection of highly sophisticated algorithms completely unparalleled in the industry. The innovative software automatically recognises organisms through advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing microbiology labs to read, interpret, and segregate bacterial cultures with the click of a button; allowing them to decrease time to results so clinicians can make a differential diagnosis faster and start treating patients sooner.

PhenoMATRIX™ Algorithms are optional additions to the WASPLab™ software that can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

Amplify your ingenuity: never touch a negative plate again.

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