PhenoMATRIX™ Software Suite

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PhenoMATRIX Software Suite

Automated reading, interpretation & segregation of bacterial cultures (media plate) images proven with over 200,000 samples and counting!

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The PhenoMATRIX™ from Copan is an Artificial Intelligence based software for digital microbiology.

It allows users to enhance positive and negative result management through sophisticated algorithms, demographic data, other clinical reports and custom interpretation rules. 

PhenoMATRIX™ directly sorts all images, suggesting the final result to the user. Sorting is based on the lab custom rules, which combine patient demographic, clinical results (ie leucocytes, Gram), and the output of image analysis algorithms (presumptive identification of isolate type, colony count by isolate type, positivity to specific target microorganisms). The expert rules are integrated in the system and applied in the presumptive determination of positivity or negativity of the plate. 

The integrated LIS environment provides patient information and other clinical results relevant for the determination of the interpretation. 

The full batch of results are exchanged with a single click. 

PhenoMATRIX™ software is an optional addition to the WASPLab® device.

PhenoMATRIX and WASPLab are registered trademarks owned by  Copan.


  • Accelerate your interpretation through clear visualisation 
  • Custom expert rules for a tailored solution based on your laboratory standards
  • Apply a high level of consistency with deep learning techniques

Coming soon: PhenoMATRIX™ TAG:

  • Understanding the colonies' coordinates and morphology, PhenoMATRIX™ TAG automatically detects the most appropriate ones assigning the correct laboratory workup for each colony based on your specific rules. PhenoMATRIX™ TAG then directs Colibri to perform the designated tasks.

For more information on PhenoMATRIX™ and PhenoMATRIX™ TAG, see the product brochures on the downloads tab of this page. 


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