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SRK Swab

Microbial testing devices for surfaces & equipment

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The SRK® (Swab Rinse Kits) line includes comprehensive, tailor-made, and ready-to-use collection devices for the detection of environmental microbial contamination in a broad range of applications, such as food production, pharmaceutical sites, and hospital wards. 

Compliant with ISO and international directives, SRK® kits can be used by inspectors and quality assurance personnel for routine surface monitoring within manufacturing areas and on hospital surfaces and equipment.

  • Optimal recovery rate 
    Choose the sampling probe that best suits your needs: regular FLOQSwabs®, CLASSIQSwabs™, plastic/viscose applicator, or sponge spatula.

  • Media choice for enhanced preservation
    Choose between an isotonic solution or a wide range of selective and enrichment broths: Half Fraiser, RVS, BPW 1%, TSB, UNS, and Letheen broth.

  • Sterile sampling frames 
    The definition of a set sampling area is essential for microbial bioburden validations. Sampling frames will make your surface sampling match that standard.

  • Compliance 
    SRK® kits are designed compliant with ISO 18593:2018, ISO 18593:2004, ISO 17604:2003, and EU directive 2001/471/E.C.


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