Microfluidic Be-Flow Chip

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Be-Flow Chip

Experiment in triplicate on a single chip

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BE-FLOW allows the user to perform cell-based assays under perfusion, and is especially suited to the in-vitro simulation of physiological environments involving flow and shear stress mechanical stimulation. Bespoke chips can also be considered dependent on your requirements.

Example applications include:

  • Live cell imaging under flow-derived shear stress
  • Rolling and adhesion assays of suspended cells such as platelets, leukocytes and monocytes on substrates such as adhesion proteins or confluent cell monolayers
  • Mimicking flow conditions in blood vessels
  • Long term culture of adherent cells under mechanical stimulation


  • 3 channels allow triplicate experiments on a single chip.
  • Compatible with any laboratory pumping system.
  • Allows for vast reductions of media and supplement required for experiments.
  • Excellent optical properties, with high transparency and low auto-fluorescence, allows real time imaging through microscopy.

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