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A fully automated liquid sample processor for quality control in food laboratories

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Cyclone™ is an automated liquid sample processor for the testing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products for the food safety industry. This device can add both liquid media from multiple sources and liquid sample to a 90mm Petri dish to create a standard pour plate. In addition to this, Cyclone can create serial dilutions of a sample and perform surface spread plates and spiral plates.

Cyclone™ is ideal for food, beverage, pharma and cosmetics laboratories wanting to increase their accuracy, reproducibility and productivity whilst also decreasing operational costs.

The system is a flexible platform that can adapt to processing different sample input containers. Pour plates can be routed to the internal cooling chamber to set the agar, which provides the option of overlaying a second agar if required.

Cyclone™ (manufactured by Copan) is a walk-away system – just set up the cycle and go!

Cyclone is a registered trademark owned by  Copan.

  • A customisable loading turntable allows almost any sample container to be processed.
  • Custom protocol settings allow management of all aspects of plating techniques including sample volume, mixing, duration, dilutions set and selection of agar type(s) for each sample.
  • Bi-directional communications so can work with your LIMS to automatically identify sample, determine protocol setting and report the status of the sample.
  • Consistent, reliable, high quality testing ideal for laboratories handling a single sample type or a diverse array of samples types.
  • HEPA filtered workspace continuously circulates clear air within the instrument to protect both sample and test integrity.
  • Unique shaker ensures perfectly homogenised sample pour plates.
  • Built-in UV lights.
  • Easy to clean surfaces.
  • Low maintenance requirements and remote access capability minimise downtime.
  • An open platform system, Cyclone™ can adapt for use with third-party instruments and consumables.
  • Cyclone is a modular system to ensure that the system is as flexible as possible.

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Maximum throughput is 130 plates per hour
Touchscreen Control
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