A35-45 Chilled Incubation Compartment

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Chilled Incubation Compartment

An insulated compartment for lower than ambient temperatures

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If you need to store small quantities of media and samples in anaerobic conditions, but at lower than ambient temperatures, you can now specify an optional Chilled Incubation Compartment for this workstation. This insulated compartment is located on the left hand side of the workstation and is accessed from the main chamber. When you open the compartment door, the plate carrier basket swings outwards to allow easy access. It has a capacity of 10 x 90mm Petri dishes or items of a similar size.

The temperature in the Chilled Incubation Compartment can be easily adjusted, in 0.1°C increments, via the workstation’s colour touchscreen. The operating temperature range is between +12°C and +25°C and the temperature distribution within the compartment is within 2°C*. This option must be specified at time of order as it is a factory-fitted modification.

Suitable for Whitley A35 and A45 Workstations.

*Laboratory and main chamber temperatures may influence the upper and lower temperature levels that can be achieved.


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