Particle Counter Connection Port

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Aerotrak Handheld Particle Counter

Fitting for the Whitley GMP Workstation to enable use with a non-viable particle counter

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Non-viable particle counting is an essential check that needs to be carried out to ensure compliance with a GMP procedure. Continuous Particle counting can be achieved by housing a counter inside your Whitley Workstation. Alternatively to save valuable space, a particle counter can be located externally, in which case the workstation should be specified with a Particle Counter Connection Port (please speak to a DWS representative prior to placing an order to ensure specification of the correct sized port for your particle counter). This connection port allows the sample tube from the counting device to breach the shell of the workstation without compromising internal pressure and atmospheric conditions.

The Whitley GMP range of Workstations are compatible with particle counters from a number of manufacturers, for example the Aerotrack 9306 and the CLiMET CI-154. The choice of particle counter should be based on a number of personal and regulatory requirements such as how data is handled, the sampling time required and the particle size measurement capabilities of the device (a DWS representative can provide technical guidance and support ahead of ordering to ensure a solution that meets both regulatory requirements and your personal preference).


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