How the Whitley Jar Gassing System creates ideal growth conditions in anaerobic jars

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The Whitley Jar Gassing System:

  • Reduces the cost of creating microaerobic conditions by 98% and for anaerobic conditions by 89%. 
  • Reduces the time taken to create required conditions - gas packs can take up to an hour but the Jar Gassing system removes the atmosphere and replaces it with anaerobic mixed gas very quickly.
  • Needs no complicated operator training (instructions in English, German and French).
  • Uses low temperature, re-usable catalyst sachets.
  • Incorporates PIN code protected user access levels for additional security. 
  • Has an optional printer to enable you to create a hard copy audit trail for accreditation purposes.

Have confidence in the culture of your anaerobes and your Campylobacter, Helicobacter and other microaerophiles.

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