Thinking outside the mouse: ex-vivo dissections of host-microbiome cross-talks

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Dr Nissan Yissachar, Principal Investigator
The Goodman Faculty of Life Sciences, Bar-ilan University, Israel

Dr. Nissan Yissachar is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from Bar-Ilan University, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in systems immunology at the Weizmann Institute of Science. He then moved to Harvard Medical School for a second postdoctoral research in the lab of Profs. Christophe Benoist and Diane Mathis, where he developed a novel gut organ culture system. This unique approach led him to discover that the enteric nervous system mediates intestinal microbe-immune interactions. His research focuses on host-microbiome interactions and their impact on immune system function, in health and disease.

Event hosted and organised by Don Whitley Scientific Limited.


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