Faecal Microbiota Transplantation and the Clinical Potential of the Human Microbiome

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Dr Jannie G.E. Henderickx

Centre for Microbiome Analyses and Therapeutics, Leiden University Medical Centre

Multi-kingdom interactions in Clostridioides difficile colonization and infection

Dr. Jannie G.E. Henderickx is a postdoctoral researcher and study coordinator at the Centre for Microbiome Analyses and Therapeutics (CMAT) at Leiden University Medical Centre. Jannie performed her PhD research at the Microbiology department of Wageningen University & Research, investigating the early life microbiome of preterm infants. Within her current research, Jannie aims to uncover the human microbiome’s clinical potential. Bioinformatic approaches allow her to study the ecology and functions of bacteria and fungi constituting the human microbiome in a wide spectrum of disease states.

Dr Andrea Aira Gómez

Department of Clinical Microbiology, Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

Stool processing for FMT: Working on the optimization of current protocols

Microbiologist, PhD in Medicine and Translational research with experience in FMT implementation in clinical settings including stool donor selection, sample processing and stool banking.

Lisa Kirkland

BiomeBank, South Australia

Anaerobic processing of microbial samples

Lisa is a microbiologist who has worked extensively within the university researcher sector as well as for industry. During her PhD she worked alongside the CSIRO to investigate bacterial and viral communities within the Murray River. She also worked as an analytical microbiologist for Seeley International where she established and managed a microbiological laboratory. Lisa also holds adjunct academic status at Flinders University and supervises honours and PhD students in the field of environmental microbiology. At BiomeBank, Lisa is the Head of Microbiology, where she leads the research and development team for the purpose of creating second generation microbial therapies. Lisa was the first employee for BiomeBank back in January 2019.

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