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Your first step into microbiology lab automation.

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WASP® is Copan’s renowned Walk Away Specimen Processor, an instrument that fully automates all aspects of liquid-based bacteriological specimen processing: plate inoculation and streaking, Gram slide preparation, broth inoculation, and AST plate streaking.

Automated: WASP® takes care of every step of upfront microbiological specimen processing, automating demanding and repetitive manual tasks traditionally done by lab staff and technologists.

User-centric: WASP®'s easy-to-use touch-screen monitors and intuitive software interface are designed to offer a user-friendly experience.

Expandable: WASP® is just the beginning. Our solutions for lab automation include WASPLab® smart incubation and digital imaging, Radian® and Radian® Rapid AST, PhenoMATRIX® AI algorithms, and much more. 

Modular: WASP® is available in different configurations to suit the routine of every laboratory, no matter the volume and type of samples analysed every day: slide staining, broth inoculation, AST disk dispensing, and pipettor modules are available to make a WASP® your WASP®.

Customisable: To adapt to your laboratory needs, a wide range of options is available to customise the media plate type, streaking pattern, inoculum length, and volume.


WASPLab System with Incubators

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Walk Away Specimen Processor

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