Consistency of Results with Hypoxystation

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Date: 2nd June 2015

Removing the cells from an incubator in order to change the media or to lyse the cells after culture exposes them to altered O2 tension and temperature. With the Hypoxystation, these culturing problems don’t occur, the cells stay inside the workstation and are never exposed to air.  In the past, we used an incubator for our hypoxia work but we saw fluctuations in the gene expression patterns from one set of assays to the next, so we couldn’t rely on the results. SP-A gene expression patterns were not as stable as in the workstation, which tells us the oxygen tension in the incubator just wasn’t stable enough.

We see a strong consistency in the results obtained with the workstation. I am very happy with the Hypoxystation, it has been very robust and we are able to work efficiently with (the lung epithelial cells). Another advantage of the Hypoxystation over an incubator is the way the humidity is controlled, it’s very homogenous. We have the sterile steam humidifier in our workstation and the added humidity is what makes the air-liquid interface culture possible. It is a very stable and very clean environment.

Houda Benlhabib
Houston, USA


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