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Date: 7th April 2014

MD Anderson is widely regarded as one of the top cancer hospitals in the United States. The Woldemar Priebe cancer research lab is using the Whitley H35 Hypoxystation for research focused on pancreatic cancer. Dr Rafal Zielinski had this to say about their new H35 workstation:  

 "The Hypoxystation we have purchased is being used for studies on STAT and HIF oncogenic transcription factors in tumors with major focus on pancreatic cancer. It is well established that these tumors are highly hypoxic therefore experiments performed in oxygen-limited conditions better recapitulates the natural environment of the cancer, allows better understanding of the physiologic role of STATs and HIFs and enables more accurate evaluation of experimental therapeutic strategies. We also use chronic hypoxia to study metabolism of the cancer cells and to design optimal therapeutic approaches using new inhibitors of glycolysis."

Dr Rafal Zielinski

MD Anderson Cancer Centre


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