Two A45 Workstations for Liverpool

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Date: 4th December 2013

Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital took delivery of two Whitley A45 Anaerobic Workstations in August.

“As equipment manager for the Microbiology Laboratory I have been involved in the selection, acquisition, and implementation of our new A45 Anaerobic  Cabinets. All the laboratory staff appreciated the fact that Don Whitley Scientific took the time to do a full demonstration of the equipment so that any concerns or issues could be raised.The Don Whitley engineers were helpful in explaining the significant upgrades these workstations offered over our existing Don Whitley workstation.

The new sleeveless access ports are easy and quick to use whilst the four column loading chamber has a fast cycling time of around 60 seconds. There’s also a side "letterbox" for quick-loading on an occasional basis.

Don Whitley Scientific listened and responded to any issues raised by the staff and myself. Once we took delivery of the workstations they provided excellent support for installation and training. The A45s come with user-friendly manuals.

All of the workstation status indicators and functions are now combined on a user friendly and instinctive colour touchscreen.

I have subsequently found them very supportive when any minor issues have needed discussion and I note that they are keen to ensure that they maintain and further develop a gold standard in support and upgrades.”

Al Shipman
Equipment Manager, Microbiology Laboratory
Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital


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