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Date: 8th January 2016

Dr Ayse Latif, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, University of Manchester, talks about her groups use of a combined H35 HEPA Hypoxystation and i2 Instrument Workstation.

Dr Latif and her group use their combined oxygen controlled cell culture handling system in conjunction with a Seahorse Biosciences XF Analyser to analyse the metabolism of gynaecological cancer cells under hypoxia. The H35 Hypoxystation allows uninterrupted low oxygen cell culture, and once ready, cultures are passed through the Whitley Transfer Tunnel and into the i2 Instrument Workstation, ensuring the cultures are never transiently exposed to atmospheric oxygen. The i2 Workstation has been designed specifically around Seahorse Analysers to allow housing under low oxygen, in an absence of carbon dioxide, and at a manufacturer recommended operating temperature. The i2 also has a built in low oxygen, carbon dioxide free incubator to allow incubation of samples at a user defined temperature during media equilibration pre-analysis.

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Dr Ayse Latif
Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences
University of Manchester


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