WASP proves invaluable at James Hutton Institute

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Date: 22nd December 2014

"In our laboratory, we aim to understand the molecular basis to the interactions between bacteria and plant hosts. The bulk of the work focuses on bacteria that are pathogenic to humans and can use plants as secondary hosts. We purchased the WASP spiral plater to cope with a high number of samples containing unknown numbers of bacteria. Microbial enumeration from samples using direct plating is routine in the lab and the plater has proved invaluable cutting down on resources used for making wide ranges of serial dilutions and for agar plates, as well as making important time-savings. The WASP has now become a routinely used piece of equipment in the laboratory and I doubt anyone would want to go back to manual plating.

The DWS team have been excellent, from providing information and a demonstration machine at the start, right through to the regular supply of QC testing material and arranging maintenance visits."

The James Hutton Institute is an international research centre based in Scotland. The work they do is right at the top of the global agenda and involves tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems including the impact of climate change and threats to food and water security.

Dr Nicola Holden

James Hutton Institute


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