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Don Whitley Scientific Limited develops, manufactures and sells equipment and associated products for microbiology and cell culture applications worldwide. All products designed and developed by DWS are manufactured in our own premises in England. We sell to both public and private sectors in a variety of scientific disciplines in organisations such as health protection agencies, pharmaceutical companies, food laboratories, contract microbiology organisations, hospitals, university research departments, water analysis companies and other research facilities. In the UK, Australia and Germany products are sold directly. In other parts of the world we supply and support our products via a carefully chosen distributor network.

Products sold include:

  • Anaerobic workstations
  • Variable atmosphere workstations
  • Cell/tissue culture workstations
  • GMP compliant workstations
  • Spiral platers
  • Electrical microbiological detection systems
  • Automated colony counting & zone reading systems
  • Autoclaves
  • Liquid handling devices
  • Sample collection products (eSwabs)
  • Image analysis systems
  • Gravimetric diluters
  • Media & sample preparation equipment
  • Laboratory automation
  • Tissue engineering bioreactors

And many other products for automating microbiology, pathology, virology and tissue culture laboratory tasks.

Brand names you may recognise include the Whitley Workstation range, Hypoxystation and WASP (Whitley Automated Spiral Plater). We also distribute products for other well known manufacturers such as Alliance Bio Expertise, Copan Italia SpA, Ebers Medical, Tuttnauer and Synoptics Ltd.

As an independently owned business we have deliberately organised ourselves so as to be large enough to do a thorough, good quality job and yet be small enough to be responsive. We have a short chain of command so that we can make the right decisions quickly and look after our customers properly.

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