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Date: 15th January 2015

We have had a MAC1000 Anaerobic Workstation since 2001 and have always been very pleased with its trouble free operation. This and the excellent response we always got from Don Whitley if we did have a problem meant we were always confident replacing it with the new A55 Workstation.

Now that we have the A55 we are very pleased.

The quick access points are a real winner amongst the users. Much better than the old sleeves and rubber cuffs. It’s now much quicker and easier to gain access to the chamber.

The two airlocks are anaerobic very quickly although they do hold fewer plates than the old MACS1000. We now have an airlock at both ends making it easier to work anywhere in the chamber and much simpler to remove plates without having to move them towards the exit in stages.

The post box style, single plate entry system is very useful, particularly when on call, and the digital touchscreen is clear and simple to use.

The anaerobic conditions monitoring system is useful; to see that the cabinet is working well on a digital display is reassuring. Also the cabinet is lovely and dry to work in with no evidence of condensation.


Andrew Iliffe
Lead Biomedical Scientist (Bacteriology)
Royal Stoke University Hospital


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