Tuttnauer 3840EL Autoclave

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Tuttnauer 3840EL

With a 52 litre capacity, the 3840EL can accommodate 9 x 500ml Erlenmeyer flasks

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  • The 3840EL has a 52 litre capacity – it can accommodate 9 x 500ml Erlenmeyer flasks or
  • 20 x 250ml Schott-Duran flasks
  • Chamber internal dimensions are 380 x 400mm and external dimensions are 720 x 540 x 765mm
    (w x h x d)
  • Provides a wide range of applications, for example liquid sterilisation (using 2 flexible PT100 probes) with various cooling options
  • Standard cycles – solid & glassware loads at 134°C or 121°C for delicate loads
  • Features a state-of-the-art control system that stores the last 200 cycles in a built-in memory
  • A safety device prevents an operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurised and a cycle cannot start if the door is not properly locked
  • Quality compliance standards include ISO9001:2008; ISO13485:2003. 21 CFR 820
  • A range of options are available to tailor your autoclave to your specific needs, including fast cooling (up to 75%), super-fast cooling (up to 90%), efficient air and moisture removal, efficient heating, complete drying and a biohazard and waste system
  • Optional fully comprehensive maintenance and service contracts are available to prolong the life of your investment and reduce downtime. (Note: different arrangements apply in different countries)
  • Optional calibration and validation for UKAS.

All Tuttnauer laboratory autoclaves are specifically designed for a range of laboratory sterilisation applications. The 3840EL is a benchtop, front loading autoclave designed to fit neatly onto the laboratory workbench. It features an advanced multi-colour control panel and provides high quality, repeatable performance and documentation for quality assurance processes.

If you need the freestanding model, see the 3850ELV or if you need a slightly larger benchtop model, see the 5050EL

For the built-in steam generation model, ask for details of the 3840ELC-G.

Tuttnauer 3850ELV Autoclave

Would you prefer a vertical autoclave?

Tuttnauer 3850ELV Autoclave

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