Anaerobic Sample Collection and Transport – Free guide available

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Anaerobic Sample Collection and Transport – Free guide available

This free guide, entitled “Optimising Specimen Collection and Transportation for Isolation of Anaerobic Bacteria” provides advice for the clinicians you work with on the isolation and transportation of anaerobes. The publication was written by Selina Scotford of the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit.

Written for the guidance of clinicians working with anaerobic bacteria, the leaflet details key points to consider when collecting and transporting anaerobic samples. The guide gives information on the required specimen types for successful isolation  as well as vital do’s and dont’s for sample transportation.

The content of the guide is based upon a lecture Selina Scotford delivered during the 2015 Practical and Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes course. Don Whitley Scientific proudly sponsors this course which is run by the UK Anaerobe Reference Unit (UKARU). The UKARU is located within Public Health Wales Microbiology at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.

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