Apache Helicopter lands at Leeds General Infirmary

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Apache Helicopter lands at Leeds General Infirmary

An unexpected visitor appeared at Leeds General Infirmary this week – an Apache Helicopter landed on the hospital’s helicopter deck as part of a training exercise. 

The Apache landed on top of the Jubilee Building, which usually plays host to landings by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance team. The exercise was a continuation of Leeds Teaching Hospitals’ work with the armed forces to allow their helicopter deck to be used for training exercises, offering a city centre environment surrounded by tall buildings.

Steve Rogerson from Don Whitley Scientific is currently working at Leeds General Infirmary. He is completing the installation of their new WASPLab system, and managed to get a great photo of the Apache coming into land.

WASPLab™ (Walk Away Specimen Processor Lab) is a complete robotic specimen processing system for front end pre-analytics in microbiology. It is a fully automated, barcode-driven, conveyor-connected system with remote plate image analysis and automatic incubation. WASPLab is manufactured by Copan and Don Whitley Scientific are proud to be distributing it in the UK and assisting with the installation and servicing of the product.


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