Do you use a Hypoxystation? You could be entitled to £250.

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Do you use a Hypoxystation? You could be entitled to £250.

If you have used a Whitley Hypoxystation in your work and have mentioned it on your poster or published paper, let us know and you could be entitled to a grant of £250.

We have a series of grants available to those who mention the use of the Hypoxystation in a poster they wish to present or on a published paper. All we ask in return is a copy of your poster/paper so we can use it to help promote the Hypxoystation to others.

If we have a trade stand at the event where you will be presenting your poster, we can provide copies to everyone who visits our stand, should you want to do this.

To apply for this grant, please send a copy of your poster or paper along with your contact details to Don’t forget, if you are presenting a poster, mention the title and date of the event where you will present it.



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