Dual Temperatures For Your Camplyobacter

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Dual Temperatures For Your Camplyobacter

Don Whitley Scientific has released an innovative microaerobic workstation, which consists of a huge chamber, two airlocks and the option of a central divider to allow dual temperatures. The Whitley M55 Workstation allows you to work with large workloads in a perfectly controlled microaerobic environment.

This flexible microaerobic workstation is ideal for the study for fastidious organisms, including Camplyobacter spp, Helicobacter pylori and Legionella spp. Looking at all the Whitley Workstation ranges, the M range is the most variable as it can provide both anoxic/anaerobic, microaerobic or hypoxic conditions without the need to change incoming gases.

The M55 is equipped with two airlocks, one at either end of the workstation, that can transfer 40 plates each in just 60 seconds! With a 600 litre internal capacity and 4 access ports, two people can easily work side-by-side in the chamber, in the same environmental conditions, or alternatively, in different temperatures with the help of the optional central divider. Transportation from one area to the other is easily achieved via a manually operated sliding door in the central divider.

Complete with a custom-designed trolley, the M55 can also come with a range of optional accessories, including: cable glands, power sockets, front loading entry system (for single samples) or a vacuum take-off port.

For more information about the Whitley M55 Workstation, or to arrange a personal, online demonstration, please email sales@dwscientific.co.uk.


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