DWS Sponsors Jamaica World Cup Player

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DWS Sponsors Jamaica World Cup Player

Don Whitley Scientific is sponsoring Rugby World Cup Player Mo Agoro, who will be representing his home nation of Jamaica. Mo plays for Keighley Cougars who are based close to DWS’s premises in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

The first match of the World Cup for Jamaica is on Sunday, 16 October and we got to know Mo by asking him a few questions:

  1. What position do you play?

  2. How long have you been interested in rugby?
    I have been playing rugby league for 18 years.

  3. What or who inspired you to play?
    Growing up I played various sports ranging from in football, rugby and athletics. The high school I went to had a massive influence on me playing the sport and pursuing it further.

  4. Over the years, who would you say has become your role model?
    My parents have been great role models for me. In sport, it would be Muhammed Ali.

  5. How does it feel to be representing Jamaica in the World Cup?
    I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Jamaica in the World Cup. To be able to play on the biggest stage in rugby league, for my country, will be one of my proudest moments.

  6. What is your favourite memory or anecdote from playing the sport?
    I have two memories which stand out. The first one is the match in which we qualified for the World Cup. Years of hard work coming down to a hard-fought game that we won against the USA. The next one is my recent season for Keighley Cougars. We went the league season unbeaten winning 20 games from 20, gaining promotion to the championship. A special season with a great group of players and staff.

  7. Do you have a pre-match ritual? If so, can you share?
    My pre-game ritual consists of a double espresso and listening to music.

  8. What qualities do you believe make a good team player?
    Qualities that make a good team player are that they are positive, selfless, hold themselves and their teammates accountable, and they strive to improve.

  9. What would winning the World Cup mean to you?
    It would mean everything to me, although the opportunity to make an impact and help grow the sport of rugby league in Jamaica is an amazing and special prospect. The exposure of the World Cup will help this and is something I am excited about, regardless of the result.

    Please join us in wishing Jamaica success in the 2022 Rugby World Cup!

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