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Minimal Cost, Maximum Impact

Not only are the three gas (TG) cabinets unique to DWS, they also provide ideal anaerobic conditions and can operate on separate cylinders of N2, H2 and CO2 which can result in over 80% cheaper running costs*.

With three sleeved ports fitted as standard, the A45 TG provides excellent sample manipulation opportunities that can be carried out in comfort. The new A45 TG features a 12-litre airlock, while the main chamber can hold up to 860 x 90mm Petri dishes. The A55 TG Workstation has two 12 litre airlocks and a 600-litre main chamber that will accommodate between 1080 and 1200 x 90mm Petri dishes. With four sleeved portholes fitted as standard, the A55 TG offers larger working area for sample manipulation and can be used by two people in tandem.

Like the A45 TG, the A55 TG has a fully automatic de-humidification system fitted as standard and does not require any operator intervention. Both workstations can be fitted with a removable front, allowing for the introduction of larger pieces of equipment and facilitates an easy clean up.

Conditions inside the workstation can be monitored with the Whitley Anaerobic Conditions Monitor. This fully integrated option provides confirmation that anaerobic conditions exist inside the workstation and gives an early indication if conditions begin to vary. A factory-fitted only option, this system displays real time oxygen levels on the touch screen display using coloured segments – green, amber, or red – depending upon the level of oxygen present. Recorded data can be downloaded to a memory stick in a few seconds for further analysis. This option comes complete with data logging. Other optional features include internal power sockets, a removable front, a spotlight, a single plate entry system and a motorised height adjustable trolley.

Average gas consumption** of three gas cylinders compared with premixed gas:

The new TG's join the A85 TG and A95 TG which have been incredibly successful thus far, enabling users to conduct reliable and reproducible work. Follow the links below to see what our customers have said about the TG Workstation line or submit a contact form to request more information.

Royal Cornwall Hospital

Noble's Hospital

Synthetic Biology Research Centre (SBRC) at the University of Nottingham

*When directly compared to running the same size workstation on pre-mixed anaerobic gas. Gas usage is calculated per year and figures have been rounded up to ensure full coverage for the year.
**Average use includes: a normal operating gas requirement of four calls per hour and four timed gas injections per hour. Three entries into the workstation per working day (assuming the sleeves are evacuated twice) and a seven day working week and two airlock cycles per day.
***These prices are BOC prices charged to DWS.


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