New 10 Plate Petri Dish Racks and Tags

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New 10 Plate Petri Dish Racks and Tags

If you are a regular Petri Dish Rack user, you may have noticed that any new 10 Plate Petri Dish Racks delivered recently are the new stainless steel model. More robust, more sturdy and autoclaveable, these racks are ideal for stacking, sorting and storing your Petri dishes in a Whitley Workstation.

As well as the new racks, we have developed a new coloured label system that has additional advantages. As well as being invaluable in organising your plates (even within the stack) and having the facility to write on (and wipe off), these tags perform a useful security purpose – if a rack is accidentally knocked over, plates secured by this system will not spill out.

The set of Petri Dish Rack Coloured Tags includes 20 of each of seven different colours: yellow, blue, red, green, white, orange and grey tags. A colour for every day of the week!

Petri Dish Tags - write on and wipe off

Petri Dish Tags – write on and wipe off

Coloured Petri Dish Tags

Coloured Petri Dish Tags


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