New H45 Hypoxystation Launched

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New H45 Hypoxystation Launched

Need a hypoxic workstation and want to use your own equipment inside it?

New from Don Whitley Scientific:

The Whitley H45 Hypoxystation

Now you can accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity AND accommodate your digital microscope or imaging system inside the workstation.

The H45 is a 3-port hypoxic cabinet – two oval, sleeved gloveports designed for user comfort and one Instant Access Port. The sleeved ports are mounted on a removable front, which you can remove to facilitate the transfer of bulk samples and pieces of equipment or to perform thorough cleaning. The Instant Access Port, a sleeveless system unique to Don Whitley Scientific, enables you to access the chamber quickly without having to gas the sleeves (saving you money!). The H45 has a 12 litre airlock that only takes 60 seconds to perform a cycle.

50% larger than any of our previous Hypoxystations, the additional space inside the H45 allows you to marshall your experiments more efficiently and study your samples, using various pieces of equipment, inside the workstation environment.

– Control O2 in 0.1% increments from 0.1% to 20%

– Control CO2 in 0.1% increments from 0.1% to 15%

– Control relative humidity up to 80%

– Add moisture without the risk of contamination

– Control temperature quickly and accurately


Manufactured in the UK and with a range of options and accessories to tailor the Hypoxystation to your requirements, you can now have the perfect cell culture system.

Please contact our sales team for more information or to arrange your personal demonstration – Tel: 01274 595728 or email – or have a look at our website


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