Orders from 8 Different Countries in 1 Week

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Orders from 8 Different Countries in 1 Week

Although we have been selling our products worldwide for some years now, we had something of a record breaking week last week.

Don Whitley Scientific received orders from eight different countries in the working week of Monday, 17th to Friday, 21st June. This is the largest number of different countries that we’ve had place orders in a single week.

Products ordered included eight workstations (five Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstations; one of the popular DG250 Workstation; one of the latest and largest in our range, the A95 Anaerobic Workstation; and a H35 Hypoxystation, the workstation designed specifically for cell and tissue culture).

We would like to thank our distributors from the following countries:

  • Spain (Nirco S L)
  • Sweden (VWR International AB)
  • Korea (Jin Sung Uni-Tech)
  • Turkey (Bentley Merkim Ltd)
  • Taiwan (Cold Spring Biotech)
  • Ireland (Davidson & Hardy Laboratory Supplies)
  • Germany (Meintrup-DWS Laborgeräte)
  • England (Don Whitley Scientific UK)




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