Sheffield University Using A35 to Crack Difficult Crystal Shell | DWScientific

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Sheffield University Using A35 to Crack Difficult Crystal Shell | DWScientific

We recently visited the University of Sheffield and spoke to A35 user, Dr Robert Fagan (pictured), who leads the clostridial research group within the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

The group have several Whitley Workstations in their lab and are using them as they work to unravel the molecular basis of interactions between C. difficile and its host. They study the outermost layer of the C. difficile cell envelope: the surface or “S-layer” - a 2-dimensional proteinaceous crystal that completely coats the surface of the bacterium. The S-layer has been implicated in adhesion and induction of innate immunity, and the group’s work combines molecular microbiology and structural biology to study S-layer biogenesis and function.*

Dr Fagan spoke of the improvements which Whitley Workstations have afforded his research, and said:

“With the A35 we have a really excellent, stable anaerobic environment; excellent temperature control and enough space to carry out multiple experiments in parallel. The comfort of the cabinet, the space that we have, and the very stable atmosphere is absolutely critical to the success of the work that we’re doing here.” 

Watch our video to learn more about the group’s research.



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