DWS Exhibits Hypoxystation and Ebers TC-3 at TCES-UKSB Meeting

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DWS Exhibits Hypoxystation and Ebers TC-3 at TCES-UKSB Meeting

Article provided by Omar Hussain, Hypoxia Product Specialist at Don Whitley Scientific. 

This year's joint TCES-UKSB Meeting was held on a very wet day at the East Midlands Hotel in Nottingham, where lecturers, post docs and students were all eager to get hands-on experience with the Whitley H35 Hypoxystation. We were pleased to hear that Alex from StarLabs spent the majority of his PhD days in a Whitley Workstation and had excellent things to say about it. Other delegates were extremely impressed with the capabilities of the H35, such as being able to precisely control the oxygen concentration from 0.1% to 20% in increments of 0.1%, no condensation and the ease of getting in and out of the chamber.

In addition to the H35, we also showcased the Ebers TC-3 Bioreactor which allows researchers to culture cells under mechanical loading profiles with extra attention given to the sterilisation of the parts that will be in contact with culture medium. We also demonstrated our latest innovation - the Whitley Media Conditioner - a great tool for researchers to carry out their hypoxic work in a more time effective manner. We understand the importance of time constraints in the laboratory and the need to keep to stringent deadlines, and have engineered a solution that allows researchers to equilibrate their media within 60 minutes as opposed to the conventional 24 hour equilibration period. 

Along with lots of interest at the exhibition stand, there were some fantastic talks including one from keynote speaker Professor Stephen Badylack (University of Pittsburgh) entitled ‘Clinical Translation of an acellular therapy for Barrett’s Oesophagus’. Professor Badylack is world-renowned for his work in pioneering the decullular tissue. Another talk from a senior Post Doc, Nazia Mehrban (University College London), whose confident talk was entitled ‘in vivo response to injectable hydrogels: from decullularised ECM to de novo peptides’ was very well-received by the attendees. We would also like to congratulate Dr Mehrban on receiving the 2019 Robert Brown Early Stage Investigator Award.  

The world of science is a small community and it was great to see fellow PhD colleagues and friends from the University of Huddersfield attending the TCES-UKSB meeting. As the saga continues, my next visit to an exhibition will be Redox Homeostasis: From Signalling To Damage at the Society For Free Radical Research (SFRR) held from 18-22nd June in Ferarra, Italy. So if you will be attending, please do come visit the stand.  


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