Travel Grant awarded to a University of Liverpool PhD student

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Sally Oswald, PhD student from Liverpool uses H35 in cancer research

Recently, the DWS Travel Award allowed 3rd year PhD student Sally Oswald, from Prof. Claire Eyers’ research group at the University of Liverpool, to present her work looking at potential novel neuroblastoma biomarkers (proteins zDHHC23 and MROH6) and their interactions in normoxic and hypoxic conditions at the HUPO (Human Proteome Organization) 2022 conference in Cancun, Mexico 4-8 December.

Poster: Mass spectrometry identifies novel interactors of zDHHC23 and MROH6 in neuroblastoma

Poster Presented by Sally Oswald at Human Proteome Organization Conference, Cancun, Mexico.

Sally has shown that the protein interactors of zDHHC23 and MROH6 and subsequent signalling pathways differ substantially depending on normoxic or hypoxic incubation of neuroblastoma cells. Hypoxia was used to mimic an aggressive metastatic cell phenotype allowing the identification of key proteins and pathways that has helped to elucidate the role of both zDHHC23 and MROH6 in neuroblastoma. This is important to help identify therapeutic pathways, as the upregulation of either protein in neuroblastoma patients results in an abysmal prognosis. For her work, Sally used a Whitley H35 Hypoxystation at the Eyers lab, in Liverpool.

The Hypoxystation Range is ideal for applications within cancer research, neurology and cardiovascular research, as well as many other types of cell culture work. Hypoxystations allow you to accurately control oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity. This cell culture incubator is compatible with a variety of other products, including the Whitley AsPROvac and is available with a removable front to facilitate thorough cleaning and the transfer of bulk samples or larger pieces of equipment.

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