Tuttnauer Autoclaves – Equipped with the latest technology

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Tuttnauer Autoclaves – Equipped with the latest technology

Don Whitley Scientific are one of the leading suppliers of  autoclaves in the UK, offering a fantastic level of service and UKAS calibration. They now supply and distribute autoclaves from a highly respected worldwide manufacturer, Tuttnauer, who Don Whitley Scientific believe hold the key to successful autoclaving solutions.

Tuttnauer have decades of experience in sterilisation and infection control, identifying that an autoclave is vital for a clean and hygienic laboratory. They have links with universities and researchers around the world and these relationships help them develop their products, ensuring they are always supplying the most advanced and sought after products. The same goes for the relationships they hold with suppliers and distributors, building a level of trust and commitment worldwide.

Tuttnauer autoclaves are equipped with many nifty features, boasting the latest in technology. Possibly the most useful of these is R.PC.R (Remote PC Reporting), from this users can access detailed data logs including graphs and tables of various measured values. These reports can then be saved as PDFs, accessible via a USB drive or a network connections. There are also optional features such as built in steam generators and vacuum pumps, these are available on autoclaves from both the vertical and the benchtop range.

Benchtop autoclaves are designed to save space on laboratory workbenches, while the vertical autoclaves are easy to use and equipped with castors for ease of movement. Both benchtop and vertical autoclaves come with state-of-the-art control systems featuring multi-colour displays.

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