Monkeypox virus: sample collection and transportation

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Monkeypox virus: sample collection and transportation

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published guidance regarding the recommended process for specimen collection, transport, storage, testing and disposal of the monkeypoxvirus (MPXV) [1]. Monkeypox is currently a multi-country outbreak and as such the WHO have released the advised protocol to ensure samples are properly and safely collected and processed.

A viral transport medium is recommended by WHO for sample collection and transport.  In conjunction with flocked swabs, the Universal Transport Medium (UTM®) system from Copan is specifically intended for the collection, transport and preservation of clinical specimens containing viral material and extends sample viability at both ambient and refrigerated temperatures. As a leading UK distributor of Copan’s liquid-based microbiology (LBM®) range, Don Whitley Scientific offers a range of flocked swabs including the UTM® system.

Correct procedures are crucial when collecting, processing, and incubating samples for the diagnosis of viral outbreaks. If you are interested in our range of Copan swabs, please contact Don Whitley Scientific. Contact details can be found below or get in touch through the chat support on our website.



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[1] World Health Orgainsation. (2022, 05 23). Laboratory testing for the monkeypox virus. Available at:


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