4,000 Trees Planted on Behalf of DWS in 2020

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4,000 Trees Planted on Behalf of DWS in 2020

In January 2020, we joined OblongTrees; a scheme whereby employers contribute an amount of money per employee, per month - enabling trees to be planted all over the world on their behalf. Don Whitley Scientific has contributed to this for each of the 100 people employed in our UK, German and Australian offices, and last year 4,000 trees were planted on our behalf.

OblongTrees was started by Oblong UK Ltd – a data company who set up the tree planting organisation to offset their own carbon footprint. They then rolled out the scheme to accommodate other sponsors. All of the money we donate to OblongTrees goes directly into tree planting, as the parent company cover all of the administrative and advertising costs.

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our commitment to planting more trees again in 2021, and are excited to see the updates throughout the year. Below is a breakdown of the locations where DWS-sponsored trees were planted during 2020:

English Countryside

100 trees were planted in Derbyshire in an area surveyed by the Woodland Trust who provided the saplings. The trees were a mixture of traditional English varieties, with the land-owner requesting a quarter of them be oak trees.

Kenya and Malawi: Farming and Reforestation 

1,800 trees were planted in Kenya – half beginning a restoration project focusing on an area which was cleared illegally in the 1970s, and half planted by Kenyan farmers around their estates, providing fruit, shelter & fodder. 2,000 additional seeds were sown in Malawi.

Expansion of Koala Habitat

100 trees were planted at the You Yangs Regional Park in Southern Victoria to help expand a habitat for koalas and fortify their ecosystem.


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