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Carolina Bernauer

Carolina Bernauer is a PhD student at The Institute of Cancer Research, London. She was recently awarded the DWS Travel Grant to present her research project at two conferences.

Carolina and her team work to improve treatment for childhood sarcomas. Her project is focused on understanding whether tumour hypoxia is causing worse clinical outcomes and whether it can be modified to improve response to current treatments in patients with aggressive forms of rhabdomyosarcoma.

The Whitley H35 Hypoxystation was integral to her work as it allowed Carolina to investigate the effect of hypoxia on her rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines. Most importantly, she was able to show resistance to specific drugs under hypoxic conditions.

Carolina presented her work in a poster at the HypoxEU conference in Dublin and at the SIOP Congress in Barcelona in September. The two very different conferences were a great opportunity to raise awareness for childhood cancer in the hypoxia research community and to alert a more clinical audience to the importance of considering tumour hypoxia in patients, respectively.

Read Carolina’s poster ‘Impact and Therapeutic Exploitation of Hypoxia for Rhabdomyosarcomas’ here.


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