Another Happy Customer: Newcastle University upgrade their lab

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Steven Robertson Sales Director at DWS and Christine Aldridge Technician at Newcastle University


Steve Robertson, Sales Director at DWS (left) and Christine Aldridge, Technician at Newcastle University (right).

Another happy customer recently received their new MEDIAWEL 10 and DISTRIWEL 440, giving their laboratory a shiny new upgrade. Each piece of equipment was installed by the specialists at Don Whitley Scientific.

Christine Aldridge from the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University expressed her delight with the touchscreen displays, the large capacity of the media preparator and the quietness of the DISTRIWEL 440. All elements that were definite improvements on the previous equipment.

The two products can be used in conjunction to automatically produce and sterilise the media, fill the Petri dishes and stack them, automating the process to ensure accuracy and efficiency while preventing contamination.

The MEDIAWEL 10 is an automatic media preparator with a capacity of between 1 and 10 litres. The device has a high temperature accuracy and can increase productivity, quality, repeatability and traceability.

The DISTRIWEL 440 is an automatic Petri dish filling and stacking system that allows you to prepare up to 440 plates (15ml) within 30 minutes, with a built-in UV lamp and protective cover to ensure further contamination prevention.

We look forward to working with Newcastle University in the future and wish them all the best in their work.

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