Chromazona colony counter launched

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Chromazona colony counter launched

Chromazona is a new automated colony counter, manufactured by Synbiosis. It is an automated microbial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) analysis system that will lead to faster results in busy clinical laboratories. Chromazona can be used to generate objective, repeatable, traceable data in double-quick time and to EUCAST standards.

Chromazona is an IVD certified instrument that:

  • Features a sensitive CCD camera, unique lighting system and powerful Chromogenic ID software to provide identification of microbial species in seconds.
  • Automatically reads different plate types up to 150mm diameter.
  • Generates true-to-life, full colour images.
  • Connects to your LIMS to store data and generate reports in Excel – no  transcription errors.
  • Provides accurate zone measurement around discs and MIC strips.
  • Features automatic comparison with EUCAST MIC breakpoint values.
  • Has free software upgrades to comply with EUCAST – no annual licence fee.
  • Provides fully traceable information for UKAS.

And don’t forget that in the UK, Don Whitley Scientific provides optional fully comprehensive maintenance and breakdown contracts to prolong the life of your investment.


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