Clostridium Researchers Purchase A45 Anaerobic Workstation

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Clostridium Researchers Purchase A45 Anaerobic Workstation

Article provided by Joe Edwards, Arden Biotechnology.

Arden Biotechnology investigates the prevalence of Clostridium perfringens in poultry environments and researches novel biocontrol methods to prevent diseases such as necrotic enteritis manifesting in the birds. Microbiological Arden customers photowork was previously carried out and incubated in a Whitley DG250 Anaerobic Workstation. As workload and employees ramped up this often resulted in the workstation being over-filled with petri dishes. This was manageable when there were fewer employees. The company has recently been awarded over £2 million in grant funding which has diversified and increased our anaerobic workload, this inevitably meant that we needed a larger capacity workstation. 

We enquired about buying another DG250 or a larger anaerobic workstation and opted for the Whitley A45 Anaerobic Workstation, this workstation had a much bigger petri dish capacity which we desperately needed. Don Whitley Scientific bought our DG250 back for a reasonable price and put the money towards the cost of the A45. This was incredibly useful as it negated the need for us to find alternative arrangements to remove the DG250 or have further gas pipelines retrofitted.A45 swap at Arden Upon purchase, Don Whitley Scientific offered to loan their demonstration model A45 workstation whilst our model was being built. They brought the loan workstation and removed the DG250 seamlessly with minimal interruption to laboratory work. 

The same professionalism was extended when they removed the loan A45 to replace it with our new A45 workstation a few weeks later. The loan workstation allowed us to initiate working at our intended larger capacity immediately with no interruption to our workflow.


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