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Dr Alan Cartmell and Steve Robertson

We are delighted to share our recent visit to the University of York, where we had the pleasure of installing two refurbished Whitley A85 Anaerobic Workstations.

Dr Alan Cartmell, Senior Lecturer at York, who had prior experience with Whitley Workstations at the University of Liverpool, opted to continue utilising our workstations for his research. He recognised their unmatched reliability in delivering precise and consistent results, making them the ideal choice.

Dr Cartmell’s research is focused on how bacteria of the human gut metabolise carbohydrates, especially sulfated ones, and looking at how this metabolism can be manipulated to treat disease. A particular focus of his, is the role gut bacteria produced carbohydrate sulfatases in ulcerative colitis and how inhibiting them could be a novel treatment method for the disease. “The growths conducted in the cabinet tell you how the bugs (Bacteroids spp. in this case) utilise sulfated host glycans and how drug molecules interact with them to slow this metabolism” (Dr Cartmell, 2024).

The Whitley A85 is used when there is a need to easily process, incubate and examine samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. This anaerobic workstation has a large, 36 litre airlock and accommodates up to 560 x 90mm plates. Oval glove ports enable you to work comfortably, gloved or bare handed. Each glove port also acts as a mini airlock so you can transfer up to 10 plates through each as you insert or withdraw your arms.

How these workstations benefit Dr Cartmell’s lab specifically? 

  • Confidence of achieving strict aerobic conditions: Provides excellent conditions for the processing, incubation and examination of samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

  • Reliable support from the manufacturer: We are committed to providing the best support for our customers. This includes a knowledgeable sales team with real-world lab experience, free expert training, and a highly skilled in-house service and maintenance team. With all products designed, manufactured, and tested in our West Yorkshire facility, we're equipped to handle any questions you have.

The benefits of purchasing refurbished equipment* where available are vast. Each product is meticulously refurbished and tested at our West Yorkshire headquarters by our team of engineers. The cost saving of second-hand equipment is also attractive and includes free installation and a one-year warranty. You also have the knowledge that you are being environmentally conscious and reusing where possible. We try to recycle as many parts as possible, but our refurbished equipment scheme is saving even more waste from ending up in landfill.

We thank Dr Cartmell for his continued loyalty and wish him all the best in his research.

If you are interested in arranging a talk with one of our team, email DWS on and ensure that your lab stays ahead of a rapidly evolving scientific landscape.

*Refurbished equipment is only available on mainland UK.


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