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Introducing the fastest gravimetric diluter on the market, the DILUWEL XL, blends speed, comfort and efficiency and has been designed specifically for large dilution volumes.

The new DILUWEL XL boasts an ergonomic design with a touchscreen interface that includes 4 USB sockets allowing for comfortable daily use and easy calibration. In addition to a separate pump to reduce vibration, a waterproof control panel and an adjustable height tower, the DILUWEL XL has been created to accommodate dilutions of up to 5000g.  

As demand for rapid testing rises as does the need for precision and speed. Automation of media preparation allows for more accurate results and quicker processing times, both key elements in the food microbiology testing industry.

Setting a record dilution time of 36 seconds for 3750g of media, the DILUWEL XL is the future of large volume dilution and, if combined with the MEDIAWEL, it can make overall preparation time 30% quicker. A more efficient time can also be achieved with smaller volumes, as the DILUWEL XL can be adjusted for 10 and 20g samples. This gravimetric diluter can be set up in portrait or landscape, ensuring optimal use of the workspace.

Head over to our website, to find out more about the DILUWEL range or contact our sales team on 01274 595728.


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