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Weights and Measures Day 23

This day serves as a reminder of the significance of accurate measurements and the impact they have on various industries. At Don Whitley Scientific, we understand the importance of accurate measurements in routine microbiological analysis, and we're here to help you ensure your weighing equipment is performing at its best.

We are proud to offer a UKAS accredited calibration service for non-automatic weighing instruments such as gravimetric diluters and balances. Calibration is essential for ensuring accurate and reliable results and we want to make sure you have confidence in your weighing equipment.

Regular calibration also avoids weighing errors that may be causing unnecessary costs for your organisation and ensures your equipment continues to be both efficient and economical. This flexible onsite and offsite service is undertaken by our team of experts who will take the time to explain the work they carry out. If you are a maintenance and service contract customer, we can schedule your UKAS calibration/validation work to take place at the same time as routine servicing to save you the cost of call outs and project delays.

Whilst other companies may be able to claim a similar service provision, our service engineers are not only highly trained to perform calibration/validations, they are also trained by the manufacturers to maintain and repair a range of laboratory equipment. We have engineers based throughout the UK so we can usually respond rapidly to requests. We also consider ongoing training a necessary part of an engineer’s role and, to facilitate this, have bespoke training facilities at our headquarters in West Yorkshire.

UKAS Calibration


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