Don Whitley Scientific: Culturing Innovation

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Don Whitley Scientific: Culturing Innovation

A new Whitley A35 Workstation has recently been installed at Salisbury Hospital, where it replaced another type of non-DWS anaerobic chamber.

One of the key benefits of the Whitley A35 Workstation is its superior quality. Whitley Workstations are built to the highest standards, ensuring reliability, durability, and performance. This makes it a dependable choice for critical applications in the scientific field, such as anaerobic work, where maintaining a controlled environment is crucial for accurate results.

The installation of the A35 at Salisbury Hospital is also a testament to the commitment of Don Whitley Scientific to facilitating excellence in science. One of the team members from Salisbury attended the Practical & Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course in 2018, administered by DWS on behalf of the UK Anaerobic Reference Unit, and found the course highly valuable.

By delivering high-quality equipment, exceptional service, and opportunities for education and training, Don Whitley Scientific continues to culture innovation and contribute to scientific advancements in a wide range of disciplines.

For more information on Whitley Workstations or the Practical & Clinical Microbiology of Anaerobes Course please visit the website or fill in the contact form below.


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